Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Dachshund

This Dachshund is Springing Forward to remind all of you that as Winter releases its grip we spring ahead, losing an hour but gaining the Spring-time sunshine and new growth to come. I meant to get this up here last night (in time for the official Changing of the Clocks), but we actually had a sunny Saturday here in Seattle so the whole family went for a walk along the Sammamish Slough instead of finishing up. If you're like me you don't actually set your clocks ahead until Sunday night (if then), so we'll just think of this one as an ode to the Changing of the Seasons. This brand new original will be for sale soon, though I am not sure whether to eBay it, Etsy it or just sell it on my blog. It is Art Trading Card/ACEO size, just 3.5" by 2.5".
I am just starting to think of painting originals and selling them again. Last year I was concentrating on illustrating children's books for Outskirts Press, which was quite time-consuming. In years past I was able to get by on selling my designs on Cafe Press, but since they began cutting commissions by about 65% I seldom bother with putting new work up there. Most of my work for the last several years has been digital, so going back to watercolors (like the above) or acrylics has been interesting. I keep my painting supplies close to hand even when I don't paint regularly, but I am finding that some of my favorite watercolor brushes are missing, which leads me to wonder if I put them in a travel pack and took them somewhere. Normally if I am going to paint in a coffee shop or another room I use my less valuable brushes. In any case, the brushes I have left are all cat-chewed and won't make a point anymore. In any case, I am pining after some new Kolinsky sable brushes which are not cheap. If I keep painting eventually (assuming my art still sells like it used to) I can go to the local Daniel Smith art supply and get a couple.

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