Monday, October 18, 2010

IF: Spooky

I haven't participated in Illustration Friday in a while! The prompt this week is "Spooky." I often have trouble deciding whether to make art in the computer or to use watercolors, so this week I am presenting both. The original drawing of a Brachiosaurus on a Broomstick in my sketchbook was done in ink. First I scanned and colored it in Photoshop. Afterwards I painted the original sketch in watercolor. Guess which one took longer! Do you have a preference?

Digitally Colored


  1. Funny Terry, I like the sky treatment better in the digitally colored piece, but the character looks better hand painted. Go figure.

  2. Very cute, I especially like the handpainted one :-)

  3. Very cute, I agree with Jeannette on the color. I hope I get to see him on Halloween night flying over my sky.

  4. A novel take on the broom stick flyer. I like the digital for the sky ect the dino painted is nice also, the beauty of the pooter if you have the scanner you can combine the two aspects.

    A great illustration for this weeks word.

  5. I think I like the hand painted one better but the digital one is nice too. Interesting experiment, I haven't tried altering my work on the comp yet.