Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yea - I fixed my printer!

The other day my Canon i9900 printer began acting hinky, and after wasting a lot of time running diagnostics on it I figured out that the Photo Cyan printhead was clogged. I removed the print head and used a zillion alcohol saturated q-tips to clean the printheads. Still no photo cyan. Seeing that printhead replacements run about $100 I figured I was going to have to buy a cheap printer to replace what has been a rather nice photo printer. Then I got tough. I soaked that printhead in a container of alcohol and water and kept at it, rinsing and cleaning. I ordered fresh new inks (confession: I tried a generic ink, which is what caused the problem) and the printer is working again. The 8 new ink cartridges cost as much as a cheap consumer printer, but I feel lots better having a Giclee quality printer even though I get few print orders these days.

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