Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lederhosen Party

Today is my husband's 41st Birthday. We had our annual joint birthday party for he and our good friend Gary and our kitty Wuggles, all born August 17th, on Saturday. The theme this year was Oktoberfest/Pirates/80's. I will post pictures soon, but imagine the birthday boys plus Uncle Bobby wearing Lederhosen and pirate hats and you get the picture. I wore a white dress with a green bodice for that St. Pauli look. I cannot rock a bodice like in the old days and felt quite the frau, but fortunately no one managed a picture of me. We had good attendence - about 20. The usual over the top food selection cooked by Kirk - steak, pork and spaetzle, chicken and dumplings, bacon mashed potatoes, tiramisu and peach cobbler - all made from scratching as Kirk likes to say.
I've put together two videos of the event, taken with my little Flip camcorder. Check them out on YouTube: and
Anyhow, as tonight is the actual DOB, we're contemplating our favorite local casino, the Tulalip. Unfortunately, our favorite local cover band, The Afrodisiacs/Spazmatics ( won't be playing.

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