Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dogs on a Beach

And now for another update! I have a new painting of dogs on the beach:

The original is a large size for me, 12x16. I have no idea what to do with it - since it is not Dachshund specific (though there is a dox in it) I don't know that I would find a buyer among my regular collectors, so I won't risk it on eBay. My husband tells me I should just hold on to it for now. I created it for a project I am working on with Dog Speak Cards ( I am happy to report that they will be licensing some of my images for their charming notecard line.

Here are a couple of scenes from the painting - still a bit of a work in progress:

This is exactly the direction that I have been wanting to take my career; licensing for the gift and greeting card market. I have been reading my Artist's Market book and many other books on the subject of entering this arena. It is a lot of information to absorb! I have submitted samples to a couple of calendar companies. These companies are a Very Big Deal in the calendar world, but I was emboldened to submit my work based on how popular my Dachshundicity Calendars have been the last few years. I really need to be submitting art and queries to several companies a week, but I haven't quite ramped up to that level yet.

Another Big Project I am working on is a complete over-haul of I am basing the new design on what I just finished with my other new site, I hope to make prints easier to find, and eventually I would like to link each image with the other products available, such as mugs, shirts, calendars and the like. Another thing I am undertaking is to re-size and crop many of my most popular prints to make 4x6 and 5x7 images. I think that a lot of people have limited wall space and might enjoy these smaller sizes (and smaller prices). I may also look into printing my own notecards again - I have to analyse whether I can offer them at a reasonable price and still make them a quality item. The way I churn through ink now they would have to be very popular in order to make them a viable thing to offer. The real benefit to my customers is that they would no longer be stuck with 6 cards of the same design as on Cafe Press. I could offer sets. Of course if I could just get a publisher to take on my line everyone could buy the cards at their favorite gift store

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