Saturday, August 5, 2006

Star Gazing

I finished the star gazing Dachshund last night. I had decided to try gouache over acrylic, but it didn't quite have the depth and sheen of the acrylic, so the whole piece is acrylic paint. I did use black gouache to outline the eye. I must say - thank goodness for magnifying lights! I had to get in there really close to do some of the little details. This one was really fun and I expect I will do others on a like theme. Scanning the acrylics mystifies me a little - where the scanner does not pick up the texture of watercolor paper in most cases, it really pickes it up on the canvas. The actual paintings are much smoother in person. There is also a little more color correction involved. Be sure to click on any of the pictures for a larger version. This one is on auction through Sunday at

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