Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Deviled Dogs

I have done several new pieces which are interspersed in this post. I hope people will know just to click on them and see the larger versions. I have four new works in progress, two of which are listed on eBay. One is another parody of Raphael's Cherubs, only this dog has devil horns and bat wings. I owe this idea to a lovely customer who suggested a devil dog. The other is another Tyrannosaurus Dox cave painting with a longhaired Dachshund.
I've been off my blog for so long I guess I haven't mentioned my new printer. I was filling two wholesale orders for rescue groups when I came to the conclusion that I would never get through it with my old HP. As much as I loved the print quality, I was having to toss every other print for ink splatter or other flaws. I also timed each print and they were all taking over five minutes a piece for the color print and 1.5 minutes for the Certificate of Dachshundicity. Yipes. So after a lot of research I decided on a Canon I9900, the nicest printer I could afford. The prints are beautiful, though I have to switch to glossy paper because the HP satin matte never dries with this ink. The archival rating is excellent and the prints are gorgeous. This printer takes 8 ink tanks, which in the end will hopefully be more economical because you only replace the ones getting used up instead of buying a single cartridge with all the colors. So far the Photo Magenta and Photo Cyan go out fast while the green hasn't budged. It also does larger format and if I can find a way to mail larger prints I will offer them soon.
In other news I have decided that I want to take an oil painting class. There is one through the Kirkland Arts Center starting in June for $185 plus supplies. I hope I can save enough money to take the class, and that Kirk will be home for the eight sessions; one night a week for three hours at a time.
I bought some new oil painting supplies earlier this week and tried a little oil painting this afternoon. It is painfully obvious that I need to take the class. Also that I need more paint thinner. Anyway, I am really looking forward to learning from a master painter and hope I can come up with the bucks before the class is full. I've said it before - I don't miss working in an office, but I sure miss the regular income. I have noticed checking in on my favorite artists on eBay that for many of them their auction income is also off by at least 30%. Could be tax season, could be something else. The rising interest rates and gas prices aren't helping anyone out there.

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