Friday, April 21, 2006

I have been alone with Kelly for the last five days, and we are coping quite well. We've either established a rythm to not having her daddy here or as Kelly gets older she is easier to handle. We made it to the park one day and most days have been going to bed about 3am. Tomorrow we are scheduled to have her bangs trimmed at noon, but it is already midnight now and no bedtime in sight. I will also have to rinse Kelly's hair because she had one of her favorites, sour cream, with dinner and the ends of her hair are coated in it.
Well, it's been a while since I have posted here. I continue to try to put my studio in order after combining it with my office. I got sick after Kelly and Kirk and it took a while to feel right again. Where to start? I got large (52 and 20 prints) wholesale orders from two rescue groups and found that my printer had gotten so terrible that I was having to throw out every other print for little ink smudges. I started to research new printers and after finally deciding on one I got it locally. Normally I would mail order, but the prospect of burning through more expensive paper and ink was more than I could take. I also timed the old printer after reading the specifications on my choice. My old HP 7350, which has been a work horse and very reliable for gorgeous prints for a few years, clocked in at nearly five minutes per color print and 1.5 minutes per certificate of Dachshundicity. Ouch. Add to that that every other print was ending up in the recycle bin and no wonder I had no time to get other things done. My new printer, a Canon i9900 uses 8 ink tanks, and has an archival ink life of 25+ years takes 6o seconds for a beautiful, flawless color print and about 30 for a certificate. 4x6 prints are about 39 seconds. It also does larger format and if I can find a way to mail larger prints I will offer them soon. The new printer was as high end as I could afford, but considering how much I was spending on ink and paper with the HP I think this one will soon pay for itself.

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