Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A Flat Tire

It is raining hard outside and the tall fir trees outside my window are swaying randomly side to side, as if undecided about something. Vacillating Trees - sounds like a name for a music group or a PhotoShop plug-in. I just got home from a semi-harrowing experience. I had gone to Bellevue for envelopes, the bank, and Daniel Smith art supply. I had debated about stopping at Michael's crafts, but given the increasing rush hour traffic, the increasing rain and an increasingly tired and cranky little girl I opted to go straight home. I am glad I did because about a mile from my exit the car began making an awful whupp whupp sound which I recognized as the sound of a very flat tire. I called Kirk as I got to the off-ramp and he was able to meet me where I pulled the car over, about a half mile from home. The tire appeared to be a goner - we had already identified it as wearing out a few months ago - but at least I had not ruined the rim. I had not been willing to pull over on the freeway with Kelly in the car. At least she was asleep through all of this. Kirk followed me on the slow trek home and then attempted to fill the tire with his air compressor, but it must have a huge tear somewhere because it just hissed and spat in the rain like an annoyed cat. Given the downpour neither of us wanted to stand around getting wetter and colder. Kelly and I are home safe and when time allows we will go buy a new tire or order one online. Meanwhile Kirk has left the keys to the truck since it has the spare carseat in it.

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