Friday, March 3, 2006

da Vinci's Dachshund is Done!

Finally finished with the longhaired da Vinci's Dachshund! I think it turned out terrific - this is one I wish I could keep myself. I absolutely love how the rigid handmade paper looks. Now I need to do the black and tan smooth version! I also finished the red smooth hugging the feet. I am going to leave the background white on this one. I like how the eyes turned out. I scanned it several times before putting in the highlights so that I could play with the positions in PhotoShop. I always forget how rough the Arches watercolor pads
are - painting on them is not fun sometimes. I think there must be less sizing on these pads.
I am working on designing new business cards featuring the red smooth da Vinci's Dachshund. I've done three different versions and I need to decide which I like and where to get them printed. I know a number of artists like Vistaprint, but their prices, particularly for shipping, seem way out of line.
I took Kelly to St. Edwards park today. S
he had fun but got rebuffed for shrieking while running around with some kids, and twice got upset and shoved little boys because she did not want to share a toy. I finally had to take her back to the car, and boy did she have a huge hissy tantrum. I had to carry her like a wiggly sack of potatoes. I got the survey from the Scottish Rite center today and filled it out. I hope she can see them soon!
Kirk is working past midnight again and I think we will have to miss the special event at Columbia Winery this weekend. Bah! Kelly probably would have been a pill anyway.

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