Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Terrible Three's?

Here are my latest efforts. Up on eBay now, just follow the link to the left there. I really, really need to finish this old commission. The people probably think I just took their money and ran I have had it so long. But truly, I have turned down all but one other commission since I took it. I have actually lost a good deal of income and productivity. It really is almost done. I just have to paint the background and that's about it. It is a larger piece than I normally do, so that poses a problem as every time I get it out to work on it I have to clear off a large space to work, and when I stop working on it I have to put it somewhere safe - all I need is for the cats to decide they're art criticWe just got back from shopping with Kelly, and I must say it was something of a nightmare. Kelly was in fine form shrieking and running about like a mad child. She was mostly in a happy mood until the end of the evening, when she really got obnoxious. The nightmarish aspect was not so much her running amok and refusing to do be curbed, it was the dirty looks from everyone around us. Hello, were none of these people ever children? One woman in particular was offended by Kelly shrieking in the play area at the mall. She was shrieking in a joyous, free-spirited manner but this woman and her apparently unspirited child felt it was occasion for dagger glances and stomping away. Yes, she was a parent. That was weird. But aside from that Kelly had such a fit when we needed to leave that she gave herself a small nosebleed. Everyone around was glaring at us. Then we went to Target. Oi vey. Kelly was an incredible pill there, and the employees were actually quite pointed in their disapproving looks. She didn't mess anything up there; we always make sure we don't leave a trail of destruction in our wake. She simply would not heel and was running around the racks. When it came time to leave she was very difficult to handle and as her dad left he bumped her noggin on the door frame - more dirty looks as he carried a weeping little girl to the car. I guess this is my reward for not always having been as patient with other people's misbehaving children before I was a parent. I just have the creeps from having been the target of so much animosity.

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