Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just a little off...

Those are five of my kitties lying together in a Pixie Pile. Pictured are Itty Bitty, Baby Girl, Mau Mau , Rumpy and Beebers. Not pictured are Bebe, Wuggies, Squirrel and our dear departed Spot. This was taken with my new camera which I am just getting the hang of. To the right here is a picture of my darling Kelly.
I have been working on a couple of very detailed Dachshund paintings that took waaay longer than I thought they would. As a result for most of their time up on auction they have not been complete. The reason I did these larger, fancier paintings is so that I can make prints of them. I do hope the originals find an audience, though. They were a heck of a lot more work than a little Art Trading Card/ACEO. One is a 10"x7" of a hula dancing weiner dog. I know that is a theme I have
visited before, but the previous one with a red doxie was not available in 8x10 since I painted it on a long panoramic pad. This one has a lot going on in it, and in a departure for me I actually used some acrylics in it - the leis in particular. I think it turned out very well. The other is a homey scene of dogs sleeping by a fireplace. This one presented a whole different set of challenges and also just kept demanding more detail as I went along. I am also pleased with how it has come out, though I may tweak it a little more anyway. It also is destined to become a print. The original is 5"x7".

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