Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Featured Artist Interview

My Featured Artist interview came out today. I am actually quite pleased with how it came out. It was really a thrill to be asked. You can see it at

The image on the left (yes, you can click on it for a larger version) is a grouping of faces I did this evening. I used a .20 micron ink pen and watercolors, of course. I cheated a little - the lady on the left was moved up to make it more compact. They were a lot of fun to do, but haven't got a lot of practical purpose beyond giving me practice.

I did post my first-ever art for A4C in a 10 day auction. Happily there is already a bid on it. I get the feeling this is something I will do often, post A4C auctions. There are some absolutely amazing artists connected with the group and it is quite an honor to have been asked to join them at the git-go.

Poor Kirk got done working in the garage pretty late tonight. He is very busy with the Continental project. Oh, and my darn camera died. It fell of the table the other day and the lens sensor would not pick up any images. So today I gave it just a little whack against the desk and now the lens won't even come out. Bah. I looked at different camera models online today, and I like the new Canon's, particularly the A620. Unfortunately it is over $300, money I do not have. As it is I still have not found something for the Volvo headlight's broken lens, and the car itself is falling apart - we may have to get into car payments again, yuck. It would be smart for me to be reading my Artist's Market book instead of re-reading the Eyre Affair, wouldn't it? Anyhow, I must get a new camera (or buy a disposable, yuck) before Kelly's birthday this month.

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