Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The wind is blowing through the fir trees tonight, making them shiver rainwater off their needles. We went out this afternoon to the Seattle Aquarium, driving through the dark day and dreary rain. The aquarium looked a little sad as well with its construction debris, though the seals and otters seemed content. Perhaps they know good things are in the works there. Kelly had a short nap in the car, and was not in the best frame of mind for exploring the exhibits. She wanted to play with the felt board and nothing else interested her for a long while, though we tried carrying her to other exhibits. Eventually we were able to interest her in the reef exhibit, but she was having none of the big tanks, thank you. I saw that there are not as many seahorses and the seadragons are gone. I hope they did not all die, but delicate creatures as they are I fear they might have. Last time there was only one, and he (she?) seemed sad and lonely. When I was raising seahorses they became really miserable when separated from their mates, and as they all look similar as juveniles this sometimes happened. But the dance of happiness they did when they reunited was breathtaking to see. Anyhow, there is a big dogface puffer in the seadragon tank now, but the neat news is there is a tank with 4 little cowfish in it, and we were able to sing the cowfish song to them, which goes "Moo moo moo moo mooo moo".
After the aquarium we decided to go to IKEA, and got lost in the rain and rush hour traffic. Ugh. Then we visit Mor to look at beds for Kelly, then to Fry's, then to Kirk's office, then home. Kelly sat on her potty for a long time and eventually announced "Potty!" and we hugged her and praised her. She has used her potty 3 out of the last 4 nights, and perhaps only another parent would understand how exciting that is, but we are very pleased and proud of her. I have been sketching a lot lately, trying to keep my drawings loose and to let my own style come out. It is my goal for 2006 to develop my style more fully, and to expand my subjects. So I am going to post images from my sketchbook from time to time. Here are the first two sketches, each of which took 10-20 minutes total (drawing and painting). These were done on an Aquabee 4x6 sketch pad with Sakura ink pen and painted in DS watercolors.

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